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Tony James Shevlin

Travelling Man

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Travelling Man is now available on iTunes:

Here is the story of how this song came about…

You never know when the Songwriting muse will tap you on the shoulder and say ‘how about this for a song?’

I was en route to Amarillo for my next gig.  I had stayed the previous night in El Paso – at the El Paso Motel to be exact, my fondness for Marty Robbins getting the better of me.  I suppose I hoped that I might find ‘Rosa’s Cantina’ where ‘music would play and Felina would whirl.’  As it turned out, it was one of the seedier places in which I spent the night.

Next morning, I was up at dawn.  The cute girl with the beaming smile on reception remarked on my early checkout.  I replied with a smile: “Oh well, another day, another town,” …

The line stayed with me.  I had only been on Highway 54 for a short while when I knew there was a song stirring in my head.  I reached for the digital recorder that I had sitting on the passenger seat in case of times like this and turned it on.  I sang the first melody that came into my head and these words came tumbling out: “Another day, another town, on this road that I’ve been running down, I’m making music anywhere I can.”

I’ve written a lot of songs over the years but I can’t remember one that was not changed or edited in some way but I felt this one seemed to be perfectly formed.

By the time I stopped to look for aliens in Roswell, New Mexico, I had added: “I was born with the need to play to the rhythm of a lost highway”.

The final line of the chorus had been one that I had been using for a while on my trip across the US.  In various bars and diners I had frequented, people would ask me if I was travelling with a band. “No,” I would say, “just me, a guitar and a car.”  All that needed to be added was “I’m a travelling man.”

The verses would be written the following week when I was back in Nashville.  A music publisher had asked me if I wanted to co-write with one of the artists on their roster, a young guy called Ty James.  At the writing session I offered up the chorus I had and together we wrote the verses.  My only stipulation was that if we mentioned US name places, they had to be towns, cities or States that I had passed through on my tour.  A couple of hours later we had the finished song.  Or so I thought.

A week later, back in the UK, I played it to my sister Jules.  She is always the first person that I run new songs by.  She liked ‘Travelling Man’ but agreed it needed ‘something else’.  We settled on a musical change at the end of the song which reinforced the title.  Job done.

I hope you enjoy listening to this song.  More than any other song on the album I think it sums up the epic journey I undertook, which saw me drive 11,000 miles, passing through 17 States and 21 cities that made up my American Odyssey.

Travelling Man: drums – Tim Bye; piano – Adam Whyatt; electric guitars – Jonny Miller; backing vocals – Jules Shevlin; pedal steel – Nick Zala; bass, acoustic guitars, lead and backing vocals – Tony James Shevlin

Recorded at Amblin’ Man Studios, Otley, Suffolk, UK by Ian Crow.

Available on itunes:

American Odyssey will be released on Oh Mercy Records on August 11th




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