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Tony James Shevlin & The Chancers

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As much as I love playing solo gigs where I get the chance to tell stories as I introduce the songs, there is nothing to beat the feeling you get when playing in a band, particularly when it’s with the calibre of musicians that I am lucky enough to call upon! Plus – when there is a great camaraderie between the people in the band – that you love being with each other as much when you’re off-stage as you do when you’re on-stage (and there is a lot more time off-stage than on!) it makes it the best job in the world. And the fact that they can all sing a harmony is the icing on a very musical cake.

So I salute the members of The Chancers: Jonny Miller (guitar); Dirk Forsdyke (drums); Jules Shevlin (acoustic guitar) and Thérèse Miller (keyboards).

Playing at a festival near you this summer…

Photographs by Dawn Hynes Photography